Windows 10 for hackers Microsoft gives details, and it’s not free

The days are Microsoft continues to refine its launch plans for Windows 10. After details of editions, after the inclusion of a third game, Candy Crush Saga for not naming him, Microsoft is looking at the case of pirates or, at least, explains some intentions.

Recall that Microsoft will start for free during the first year of availability, upgrade to Windows 10 to Windows 7, Windows 8.1. These users must of course have a legitimate license to benefit from the offer of free update. But Windows 10 to update can also be applied to machines running an illegitimate release (ie that has not been activated) Windows. However, one should not conclude that Microsoft will offer Windows 10 to the pirates, not exactly.

In a blog post, Terry Myerson says that update all Windows clients, legitimate or not, on the same version of the system, namely Windows 10, improving the ecosystem for developers. Understand that by attracting more customers as possible on Windows 10, Microsoft offers a software platform which is sufficient critical mass to attract developers.

Windows 10 wide logo

That's the why and how. Side terms, Microsoft says that when the license of a Windows edition can not be authenticated, the update to Windows 10 show a desk with a watermark that is to say a text notifying the user that the Windows license is not genuine. And the editor recalled that the upgrade to Windows 10 will not change the license status of the PC: if it is not genuine, it will not genuine. In fact, Microsoft does not provide technical support on machines with Windows 10 or unauthentic not genuine in English in the text. In his blog post, Terry Myerson, do not also specify whether, as is currently the case, the non-genuine Windows will restart every hour ...

The only real clarification provided by this note is the fact that Microsoft partners, OEMs will be able to offer their customers running non-legitimate Windows versions an update rate as announced competitive. However, currently no other details about it.

Windows 10 build 10074

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