Sony MPCL1: a handheld laser projector of interest

Sony launches a projector, hardly bigger than a smartphone, for projecting mop images of satisfactory quality.

Sony enters the pico-projector market with a product, for once on this area of ​​interest. Sony MPCL1 is actually one of the first projector to operate the laser projection promising method Microvision, with which the concept of mobile projector becomes viable.

The projection module operates three lasers, one for each RGB channel, as light source, and a MEMS mirror (MEMS) for scanning the screen. The huge advantage of this process referred to as LBS (laser beam scanning) is that due to the properties of the laser beam, the image is always sharp. There is no focus to do. Which, in the context of mobile use, provides the highest quality with minimal effort, even by projecting more or less bias (although it does not seem to have automatic keystone correction).

And compared to some existing WVGA laser pico projectors, this model promises a much better picture quality. It actually delivers a definition of 1920 x 720 pixels, 16: 9 ratio. We have not mixed the 1080p and 720p definitions by mistake, pixels are indeed rectangular (not square), the resolution is better on an axis on the other.

Sony MPCL1

A good definition, but in the dark

The constraint is that the brightness peaks at 32 lumens. Even though Sony says that the lumens laser projectors are not directly comparable to conventional LED headlamps, they are brighter, there is a good chance that we can not plan properly in the dark. Could project an image of up to 120 inches, a distance of 3 m, but the manufacturer also provides an example, more realistically, an image of 40 inches 1 m.

The device has a mini HDMI input but above all with Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless streaming from your phone, tablet or computer (the protocol is not specified). Finally, it houses a battery mAh 3000, which can be used as external battery, but can especially be operated autonomously for 2 hours.

The Sony MPCL1 will be available at least in the US in October, for 350 dollars or 385 euros HT to date.

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