Mini Coyote: a small voice recognition horn

Introducing the new Mini Coyote, the successor of the horn-sellers from radar market. It offers an interesting compromise between the previous entry level and the latest high-end: he takes the compactness and simplicity of one, the interface and modernity on the other.
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Mini Coyote
We can present the Mini Coyote as a miniature version of the Coyote S. The screen measures 3.2 inches instead of 4. It is not touch, but it retains the real buttons, more intuitive. And it inherits the voice recognition, which allows use by keeping hands on the wheel (via the command "activate Coyote").

It also inherits and especially the S interface, very fluid, and simplified to fit the smaller screen. It basically goes from map mode, as well as naturally augmented reality functions and dashcam (Video black box).

The best of the S Coyote and Coyote More

Compared to Coyote More it replaces, the Mini Coyote welcomes and display of upcoming alerts 30 km, it specifies the type of disturbance encountered (plug, vehicle stopped ...) and allows to declare in the opposite direction. It also hosts the drowsiness alert (it simply warns if we do not stop for an extended period). It also moves from 2G to 3G, and adopts Bluetooth, which allows alerts to deport the built-in speaker to a car radio or to a compatible helmet.

The new Mini Coyote is now available on the manufacturer's website. It is sold € 150, 50 more than its predecessor at the end of his career. It takes more a subscription of 10 € 12 / month. This is the price to pay to join a community of 4.8 million motorists.

Mini Coyote
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